Saturday, September 4, 2010

Birthday Planning

Joseph will be 11 months old in just a few short days....can you believe it?!  It seems like yesterday I was just starting to feel him move in utero.  Well, as I stated before I have already begun the party planning. Here is a look at a few things I am planning.

First, the invitations, created by my neighbor ( specifically for Joseph:

Here is the front:

 And the back:

I have also already ordered his cake and it will look something like this (just without the cake topper here, I ordered a different one - see later):
The cake is going to be banana cake with cream cheese frosting.  She is also making a small "smash" cake just for Joseph so he doesn't put his dirty hands into the cake for everyone else.

This is the cake topper I got, it's kind of small, so I may make a big #1 to go next to it:

  (from Sourpatch925 on

This is the birthday banner - of course it will say Joseph instead of Austin (madebyjackie on

And for favors, I'm also getting these cookies (batches on

I think we will have su.bway for lunch along with a few trays of fresh fruit (bananas included), juice, soda, and water to drink.

That is pretty much it.  I still have to get all the paper goods & forks & such - but I think I'll just go to the local party store & get ones that match the colors rather than getting the ones that actually match the monkey.  I've spent enough as it is!  hahaha!

I think there will be at least 40 people at the party, so luckily it is at a park & not our home.  I also hope I have enough cookies - I ordered 3 dozen, but may need to order a few more to be on the safe side.  Do adults really care though?  I think they are more for the kids anyway, so I probably won't worry about it.  For games for the kids I am debating on getting a pull-string pinata that has the monkey...but then that means I need to get candy & goody bags too.  I will probably also go get a few balls/toys that the kids can play with while at the park.  There will be a toddler play ground right there, but some toys might be fun for them too and then I don't have to worry about something "organized".

Can you tell I am excited?  :)  Now...when can I have another one?  ;)

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