Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Tricks

I've been meaning to write more in this blog than I have, but time with my son has been so precious since I have started back to work it is hard to find the time to write all the happenings with raising him. Speaking of work, I wish I never had to go back. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my job, but I would much rather be spending my time watching my son as he discovers all the wonders of this world.

I don't know if I mentioned this in my last post or not, but Joseph rolled over (from his tummy to his back) for me for the first time last week. I was so excited to see him do it. I had him lying on the floor in his bedroom and was playing with him then he pushed up on his hands and rolled to his back. I was so excited I started cheering for him. He looked up at me like, "What's the big deal?" It was so funny. I called Mr. B into the room and showed him the new trick Joseph could do. Apparently Mr. B had seen this several days before, but didn't realize this was a growing milestone for our little guy. Unfortunately I haven't seen Joseph repeat this new trick since that day. I guess he's moved on to trying to learn something else - like what his feet are.

Before I left for work this morning, Joseph was lying in our bed with Mr. B and was trying to bring his feet in close enough to grap his feet. Looks like he'll be obsessing over his toes now. I'm excited to see this & I can't wait to get some pictures of him playing with his toes.

I really need to get to work on taking 4 month pictures of him...especially as he will be 5 months in just two weeks. I also need to post some more pictures of him here. He's changed so much the past few weeks...I'm amazed.

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  1. Where does the time go? It seems like time is going by so fast. I too wish I had more time for sharing and posting more. Post when you can... would love to see more photos.